Welcome to our discussion blog that grew out of a late night, shooting the breeze, and a very nice dram.

I blame you for this, Hannah. I (Ben) am a slightly grizzled veteran of Big Blue, HP, major healthcare programmes and BT’s smart city strategy, now attempting to actually make it happen in the north east of England with North Tyneside and Engie.

HannahK: This was entirely your idea. And you’re the one who went and got a site, whose name we apparently share with a 1940’s book about an America that collapsed into a religious tyranny – in 2016. Nice. Full disclosure: if you’re looking for dystopia, look at the news: Robert Heinlein Not Found Here.

I’m a mildly jaded but enthusiastic ‘millennial’ working on developing scalable models of interaction and digital strategy, building from an undergrad thesis in narrative engagement and work in public health and app development. Together, we, the dreamer team, are planning to describe and strategise our current and future digital environment.

BK: Of course, we don’t have answers.

HK: But we like to think we do.

BK: More importantly, we’re going to work on the question: ‘what happens if this goes on?’ We’ll try and ask it from different angles, without prejudice or assumption. Which we acknowledge is a challenge.

HK: Without *intentional* prejudice or assumption. But with Star Trek quotes.

BK: We want to explore what things we may need to keep an eye on – what opportunities we might exploit – what might actually work well.

HK: And, vitally, what might not…